April 28 – August 23, 2021

Marc Brandenburg, Hirnsturm II

Marc Brandenburg’s pencil drawings, reversed into negatives, capture everyday, ephemeral motifs, including costumed demonstrators, a bank in Berlin's Tiergarten, garbage, graffiti, advertising, sleeping places of homeless people. The artist, who was born in 1965, strolls through cities such as Berlin, London, and Barcelona, photographing his impressions and then drawing them “like a human photocopier.” In this almost meditative process, he finds beauty in social conditions that are increasingly becoming the object of hatred in our society: the sensitive, the endangered, the traumatized, the precarious. Brandenburg is interested in moments when inner and outer states unite, when human beings merge with their costumes, their clothing, or their dwellings. Formal and conceptual aspects of drawing, as well as a fundamental examination of representation, are more important to him than the motifs themselves. “The emptiness behind the images, the translucent white, is important.” Hirnsturm II is a visual essay that combines drawings from a period of over 25 years with more recent works such as the video installation Camouflage Pullover (2018). In addition, many new works will be created expressly for the exhibition at the PalaisPopulaire.

Marc Brandenburg, Untitled, 2020 


September 16, 2021 - February 7, 2022

Deutsche Bank’s Artists of the Year 2021

A decade ago, Deutsche Bank initiated the Artist of the Year program. On the occasion of this anniversary, three artists are now receiving this award concurrently: Maxwell Alexandre (Brazil), Conny Maier (Germany), and Zhang Xu Zhan (Taiwan). Selected on the recommendation of the curators Hou Hanru, Udo Kittelmann, and Victoria Noorthoorn, these three absolutely independent and unique artistic positions are presented at the PalaisPopulaire. They all have in common that they conquered the art world without being trained at an art school. From very different perspectives, the artists look at the human condition and reflect on elementary, global themes such as community, spirituality and the relationship to nature.